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This book will be out in October 2018. It is not a book about passing judgement on other people or trying to make you believe what I believe, rather it is a book about life. Just two people sitting back and talking about what it is that we all go through.

We all struggle with something, and maybe that something is believing in God, maybe it's addiction, or self worth; whatever it is, this book is for you. In this book I am not trying to convert anyone, nor do I want you to take my word for it; a belief in God I mean. I want you to decide for yourself. If we walk together for awhile, maybe discuss things like Love, Joy, Hope, and what it means to believe in God, we may both walk away with something to think about. If that happens, then this book was successful in what I was hoping to convey.

Whether you believe in God or not, this book is for you. It may be easy to believe in God when life is going well, but when it isn't it gets a little tougher. This book can help you understand why that is, and how you can understand what God is doing in your life, whether you believe in him or not. So sit back, open your heart and mind and let's become friends, I have quite a lot to talk to you about, and I am certain by the end of this, you will be very glad we met.

Belief-In-God... Coming October 2018.

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