Belief-In-God (Hardback)

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Critics have said this book is "...the most heartfelt book I have ever read in my life", and it was also stated, " a U.S. Marine, Allen believes in never leaving a man behind... his book is intended on not leaving a single soul behind". Others have said, "...this book is very enlightening, eye opening, and hard hitting... which is exactly what was needed in my case."

This is not a book judging you, or trying to get you to believe what I believe. This is a book that speaks to everyone. An open honest discussion on what it means to have a "Belief-In-God", what it does to you, how that may change your view of the world, and how things like "hope", "faith", and what it means to truly "forgive" someone who has wronged you, ultimately changes you.

Unlike other books on God, I do not want you to take my word for it (a "Belief-In-God" I mean). I do not want you to see the world as I do. I would like to show you what I uncovered though. I did not believe, I was not looking to find God, I was fine on my own... or so I thought. What I discovered in my search was that God was real, his son Jesus was real, and there is a ton of evidence to back that up.

I would love for you to take a walk with me in this book, and hear what I uncovered, and what it means to ultimately have a "Belief-In-God". I left a piece of me in this book, and it took a heavy toll on me to write it, but I believe so strongly in what I have found, that I feel God left me no choice but to write it for you. He created me for a purpose, and I believe part of that purpose was to write this book. I hope you enjoy, "Belief-In-God".


Belief-In-God (Hardback)

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