Illusion of Choice (Hardback)

So you think you know all about President Abraham Lincoln?

Think again.

Abner Winfield's family has been connected to United States governmental policy and political opinion for generations. As a lawyer and political researcher he has spent decades uncovering historical documents to reveal personal beliefs and opinions of famous politicians in our nations history. 

This book called "Illusion of Choice" is a deep look into the mind of Abraham Lincoln; who he was, what he believed in, and what his ultimate goals were for America. President Lincoln not only saved the union, but he forever changed America and how our nation was founded. The framers of our constitution never
intended on our country becoming totally subordinate to the federal government on all things, or that the federal government would ever control the daily lives of everyday citizens in this country. That was exactly the kind of thing they were breaking away from in England under a King. 

President Abraham Lincoln for a brief period in history became America's first King... or maybe better stated, America's first Dictator.

Take a walk with me, and I will show you the evidence... one historical document at a time.

You will be able to read the actual Emancipation Proclamation and see what it said, word for word. What did President Lincoln mean in his first inaugural address? We will dive into each statement he made, and exactly what he was referring to.

History has a way of being remembered the way we would like it to have been, and maybe not the way it actually was. In this book, you will see exactly what was said, and who said it. You may even come away knowing who President Abraham Lincoln really was and what he believed in.

Illusion of Choice (Hardback)

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